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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ERP?
ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. At the University of Tennessee, the ERP system is an integrated computer system that includes financial, human resources and other administrative functions.
Why is UT implementing a new ERP system?  
IRIS, the university’s current HR and financial system, is phasing out support in 2025. Modern ERP systems with new functionality have come to the market since IRIS was implemented in 2001. The rollout of the new ERP system is a statewide initiative led by the UT System and branded as DASH.  
What areas and functions will be part of the new system?   
The new system is built on the Oracle Cloud platform, and it will replace the functionality currently provided by the IRIS system such as personnel records, time entry, payroll, financial transactions, and grants/research management. In addition to IRIS functionality, other administrative systems are being reviewed for possible replacement by Oracle Cloud.  
When will I start using this program?   
The university is expected to complete its migration to the new system, DASH, in summer 2024. Persons who currently work within the IRIS and other administrative systems will see many of their day-to-day functions transition to Oracle Cloud. More information will be coming about the functions available to all faculty and staff as we learn more about the Oracle Cloud software. 
What is happening now?   
The UT Knoxville steering committee is identifying potential members of the campus community to serve on the project team and the transition management team. The project team will encompass core areas of finance, grants/research, human resources, reporting, and technical services. The transition management team will handle project communication across campus.   
What will happen over the next two years?   
The first activities, beginning in Spring 2022, will be to redesign the University’s Chart of Accounts, the foundational piece needed for financial processes. During the Summer of 2022, the project team will begin design and configuration of the DASH system; these efforts will continue through 2024. A reporting and analytics strategy will be included in the system design. Extensive testing will occur to verify system functionality with business processes. As we learn more about the new system and get closer to implementation, town halls and other engagement opportunities will be provided to communicate more about the project. As the DASH system configuration is finalized, training opportunities will be shared with campus personnel. 
Where can I find more information? 
See the UTK ERP website,, which has more information specifically geared to UT Knoxville. If you have additional questions, use the form at to contact the UTK project managers or email them directly at  
This site also links to UT System Administration resources, which provide general information that is applicable to all UT campuses and units.